Extreme Double Bean Bag Forest Green

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Stealth Gear Extreme Double Bean Bag Forest Green
The Stealth Gear Extreme Double Bean Bag is ideal for a DSLR with telephoto lens but can also be used for a large number of other cameras and lenses. This double row pocket has a unique two-in-one adjustable and removable shoulder strap. You can use the shoulder strap to comfortably wear the Double Bean Bag, but also to attach it firmly to a branch or fence.

Durable and rugged design
The Stealth Gear double ridebag has a handy storage compartment at the back, ideal for example, to store a lens cap, memory card or other small accessories. To protect your precious camera and lens, there are robust rubber YKK zippers mounted that do not scratch your equipment. The bag is designed to last a long time, is reinforced to reduce wear and is double stitched. When you completely fill the Stealth Gear double-row bag with, for example, rice, birdseed or corn, it weighs approximately four to five kilograms. If you want a lighter bag, you can also fill it with polystyrene or plastic granules.

The Stealth Gear Extreme Double Bean Bag Forest Green is delivered without stuffing!

- Double Bag model
- Ideal for car doors, rocks and so on
- Outer side made of polyester suede
- Four fixing points for the adjustable strap
- Two removable fixing points (front and rear)
- Rugged YKK zippers
- Belt is made of Polypropylene
- Exterior dimensions are 22 x 22 centimeters
- Accessory pouch of approximately 13 x 15 centimetres
- Weight dependent on the filling approximately 3-5 kilograms

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